ShankerValleau Wealth Services

ShankerValleau is your one-stop shop that synchronizes and manages all aspects of your financial life.

We use the following 5-step process:

Discovery Meeting

Develop your complete financial profile.

Wealth Planning Meeting

Our plan for your investments.

Mutual Commitment Meeting

Confirming your asset allocation goals.

45-Day Follow-Up Meeting

A status meeting to see how things are going 45 days in

Annual Financial Checkups

A comprehensive checkup to review all aspects of your financial life.

Discovery Meeting
The goal of the discovery meeting is to develop your complete financial profile, which gives us an in-depth understanding of your cash flow and net worth and evaluate how these intersect with your values and goals. The profile also includes your attitude toward risk and your investment experiences.

Wealth Planning Meeting
This meeting outlines our plan for your investments and reiterates our understanding of your needs, values, and goals. Together we identify your risk tolerance and your asset allocation goals.

Mutual Commitment Meeting
The third meeting involves first confirming your asset allocation goals. Once these goals are clearly established, SV executes the documents necessary to facilitate the transfer of your assets to our custodian.

45-Day Follow-Up Meeting
To ensure our clients are on the path to improving their financial health through their custom financial plans, we arrange follow-up meetings 45 days after our mutual commitment.

Financial Checkups
SV believes that successful wealth management is much more than generating good investment returns. One of the greatest benefits of being an SV client is our regular financial checkups. This comprehensive checkup reviews all aspects of your financial life.

Improving your financial health is an evolutionary process that may begin with the protection of a growing family and lead to protecting a growing net worth during retirement.

Each financial checkup covers four important facets of your financial world:


1. Investment Reports which provide a current update of your assets managed by ShankerValleau. We review the investment reports and discuss the underlying management strategies.

2. Net Worth Statement which provides a snapshot of your current financial situation, comparing your current net worth to the amount it was at the previous checkup meeting. This simple comparison is a good barometer for measuring the growth of your assets.

3. Cash Flow Statement which outlines your current income and consumption. This statement analyzes your cash flow to determine the reasons for your change in net worth. (The net worth and cash flow statements are the two most important tools for identifying your financial needs).

4. Financial Checklist: a list of all relevant financial needs.

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