ShankerValleau 360°- Take Control of Your Retirement At Any Life Stage

ShankerValleau 360°- Take Control of Your Retirement At Any Life Stage

Whether you are currently retired, hope to retire very soon, or consider retirement a long-term dream, it may feel uncomfortable to contemplate your retirement in the current economic environment. Inflation, market performance, global conflicts, and pandemics have left many feeling like they are out of the drivers’ seat. But the good news is that every stage of the retirement journey requires you to make decisions and these decisions give you control. For example, you may not have control over annual inflation numbers, but you can choose at what age to begin collecting social security.

At ShankerValleau, we enthusiastically embrace the many financial decisions that come with each life stage. After all, years of sound decisions build a wonderful financial life. If the news headlines feel like too much, we recommend focusing on what you can control. When it comes to retirement planning, financial decisions within your control may include the following:

Early to Mid Career

  • How much should you save for retirement each year?
  • What financial vehicle should you use for your retirement savings?
  • Are you eligible to save to a Roth retirement account?
  • How are your retirement savings invested?
  • How should you handle stock options and other employer provided benefits

Late Career

  • At what age do you plan to retire?
  • Will you work part-time during your retirement?
  • If you are a business owner, will your business continue after your retirement?
  • What will your expenses be during retirement?
  • What will you do for health insurance during retirement?
  • While you are still working, should you prioritize pretax or post tax savings?

During Retirement

  • Where will your first savings withdrawals come from?
  • What survivorship should you elect on your pensions?
  • When will you begin collecting social security?
  • Which retirement community will you move into?
  • Should you move to a new state?
  • What is the most tax efficient way to give to charity or gift to love ones?

How can we help?

Good financial decisions lay the groundwork for a wonderful financial life. Do you need support as you face retirement planning decisions? At ShankerValleau, we help our clients make sound financial decisions that provide the opportunity for a long, happy retirement.