ShankerValleau 360° – A Holistic Approach to Your Financial Life

ShankerValleau 360° – A Holistic Approach to Your Financial Life

A fresh new year is a great opportunity to tend to your financial life. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your life is built on a solid financial foundation is invaluable. But, where should you begin?

Over the next year, we will provide insight into ShankerValleau’s holistic approach to wealth management. As we give you clarity into our process, we hope you will learn strategies to implement in your own life and pitfalls to avoid when building your solid financial foundation.

Your Goals

Our approach begins with your unique goals and objectives. What are your hopes and aspirations? Your dreams are important and provide direction for your financial life. Where are we going, and why?

Getting Started

After you’ve established your goals, it’s time to get started by building your Personal Cash Flow (how much money goes in and out of your household each year) and your Personal Net Worth (a list of your assets and liabilities). While your goals tell us where you’re going, your Cash Flow and Net Worth tell us where your financial life is at today.

Introducing ShankerValleau 360°

At ShankerValleau our holistic view of your financial life incorporates the following:

  • A sound investment strategy,
  • Informed tax planning,
  • Appropriate risk management,
  • Strategic retirement planning,
  • Expert estate planning,
  • And, planning for more complex goals, such as education.

To help you visualize all of these components, we are introducing ShankerValleau 360°. Our 360° wheel provides a complete view of your financial life. Each month in our newsletter, we will dive deeper into a different section of the wheel.

At ShankerValleau, we work with individuals and families every day, and over the years, to convert their dreams into reality. We hope you’ll be in touch in the new year, so we can do the same for you.