About ShankerValleau

ShankerValleau offers a comprehensive approach to personal wealth management that protects and cultivates your wealth through global portfolio diversification, financial planning advice, and tax planning. We are an independent, fee-only advisor, ensuring the most impartial, objective advice.

Our work is guided by 7 key principles.

  1. We make every decision about your financial life as if it were for our family.

  2. We are there for you without getting in your way.

  3. We turn complex problems into simple solutions.

  4. Our very high retention rate is a testament to the lasting relationships we cultivate.

  5. Our financial solutions are as unique as you are, for any stage of life.

  6. We adapt with the changing financial times as well as your changing needs.

  7. We also help young people get on the right financial path early.

ShankerValleau consists of an integrated group of highly-trained professionals who perform their services through two companies: ShankerValleau Accountants, Inc. ('SV Accountants') and ShankerValleau Wealth Advisors, Inc ('SV Wealth').

ShankerValleau Wealth Advisors

We created ShankerValleau Wealth in 1992 — a registered investment advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission — which specifically serves:
individuals searching for a single, trusted professional to assist with all financial issues.
individuals looking for a long-term approach to managing their portfolio, to maximize returns yet manage risk.
individuals unable to easily determine how their brokers were performing.

Our approach

offers a comprehensive approach to wealth management to serve as your primary advisor to coordinate all aspects of your financial life.
utilizes a five-step process to evaluate and articulate your goals and track our progress in achieving them.
manages your portfolio by investing in the market with a balanced, long-term discipline.
provides you with a clear, concise picture of your results.

ShankerValleau Accountants

ShankerValleau Accountants has over 30 years of experience in delivering tax and accounting solutions for businesses and individuals. It was established in 1985 to help creative entrepreneurs protect their wealth through tax planning and preparation services. Today we prepare over 400 tax returns annually for clients who:
require expertise in using innovative methods to minimize the cost of recordkeeping
don’t want to be accountants and therefore require solutions that reduce both time commitment and cost.

Our approach

For over 30 years, ShankerValleau has proactively worked with our clients to help minimize their tax obligations as well as take the element of surprise out of the tax process. ShankerValleau offers sophisticated year-end planning, so you know what to expect well before you receive your tax returns.

ShankerValleau Quick Facts

  • Created on January 15, 1985.
  • Our founder, Larry Shanker hired a young professional, John Valleau, on April 1, 1985 and they have worked together since. 
  • We manage over 500 investment portfolios and over 200 separate wealth client relationships.
  • Fee-only firm.
  • All wealth management clients are charged based upon the amount of assets under management. All other clients are charged solely on an hourly basis.
  • We don’t sell anything or receive any other type of compensation.